The Poetry of Succinctness

19.März 2017 - 15.Apr. 2017 / Vienna

The Poetry of Succinctness, Part II

After last year’s “Unscharfe Geometrie” (“Blurred Geometry”) exhibition on concrete art, Vienna’s artmark galerie follows up with the second part of its gallery program: abstraction, the reduction to the essential all the way to minimalism. The Japanese term “MA,” standing for the in-between, the fullness of the void, finds expression in this second part. Clearing one’s head, searching for simplicity, looking more inwardly and raising awareness of aesthetics is the purpose of these reductions. In this exhibition, 50 artists will present more than 100 artworks, reflecting the different ways they have mastered this difficult path and succeeded in the world of art. You will enjoy visiting this exhibition. Come and see for yourself!

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