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Abstraction, a timeless vocabulary of color and form that incorporates the “space,” reduction and concentration on the essential, and concrete art all the way to minimalism are the main focus of the gallery.


In the artmark galerie we present contemporary art from circa 1950 to the present day.


At the same time, we are striving to create a perfect harmony between a work of art and its architectural environment. This also applies to the field of monumental three-dimensional art and sculpture.

Art also has a spiritual dimension. The aesthetic experience of nature, the memory of the values of old cultures and the search for simplicity, rhythmic consonance and beauty are an opportunity to get in touch with the essence of mankind’s multifaceted existence and to be touched by it.


We regard it as an important task of art education to arouse interest in this “poetry of succinctness” and to promote sensitivity to this simple aesthetic.

artmark is a bridge between visual artists and art lovers.

(Thomas Mark)
  • Seeing/perceiving and keeping the space in one’s mind is essential for 21st-century art.

    (Raimer Jochims)

  • In the artmark galerie we present contemporary art from circa 1950 to the present day.

artmark Gallery


Palais Rottal

Singerstrasse 17

Tor Grünangergasse 

1010 Vienna, Austria

T: +43 664 3948295

Exhibitions & Events

Ost West / ..
Opening of the Exhibition Ost-West / West-Ost Friday, June 9, 19pm Opening: Manfred Makra, artist and exhibition organizer more
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